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[10 Mar 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | Ehh ]

It hailed here yesterday.

That was cool, you know. I knew something was funky when there was this weird sound coming from the windows. It wasn't the usual tip-tap of the rain, but more of a clink-clank. (well, not really. But the think is, noisier sound, k?) And I went to the window, intending to shut it to prevent all that rainwater coming in. And there were these things flying into the room. And I was like, "Uh, whuu?" And I picked one of this weird things and heehee, it was kinda small and cold. 

ICE FROM THE SKY. omgheehee

So..one week break. Huzzah. Have a lot to finish during that time. How totally unfortunate, huh? We got back our Physics and Biology paper today. Our first Physics and Biology test EVAAAAR. And man, my marks were pretty. I guess I did well considering it's our first test on Physics and Bio EVAAAAR. So, that's all good and daisy-smelling. 

I think my violin teacher is stupid confused. She was all, "Okay, okay. Play me the scale of C Major. Remember, C Major is the one with F sharp." Right-o. So now she's convinced that I am a slow student because I didn't sharp the F in C Major. Right-o.

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[26 Feb 2006|06:31pm]
[ mood | blah ]

School is so stressful. Well, not really. It's people telling school is stressful makes me stressful. Because, hello? I kind of noticed. So maybe school is a little stressful.

Form 4 is not awesome.


[11 Feb 2006|06:11pm]
[ mood | okay(ish) ]

It's truly amazing how I can stay hours online. And doing what? Well, of course there's LJ. Checking my flist, and checking on icontest communities and what not. And then there's fanfiction. (!!) I can spend hours reading. And if not, I'll spend hours searching fanfics and saving for later. I'm really quite awesome. And sometimes I open Photoshop and make something totally out of boredom.

*Kicks self*

It was is my sister's birthday today. Oh woe. Don't like birthdays very much, except my own. A few close friends' . That's pretty much it, really. I don't like how there's an unspoken rule where "when it is one's birthday, one deserves the right to boss others around". I suppose it's like showing gratitude for gracing our lives with their presence. And for one thing, if I do not oblige to their wishes, they get in a really pissy mood and expect me to feel guilty or something.

Hold on, I feel my lunch coming up.


So I saw this one video on youtube.com about "Weasley is Our King" (!!) With the background music of Lion King's "I can't Wait to be King". OHMYGOD. HP & Lion King?! The awesomeness is overwhelming.

Oh! New layout. Took me a few muintes to get the width of it right. Dang. toodlepops, yo.


- [23 Dec 2005|01:48pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Yay. :D


[16 Dec 2005|08:16pm]
[ mood | hungry ]

Dear you,

Hi. Just wanted to let you know that how you write in your blog doesn't make people think you're any cooler. Noticed that you've been elaborating events in your blog that wasn't really true or over exaggerating. Sorry, but it's true. No one, at least, not me, cares if you're oh-so sure you're going to get straight A's or if what you do at home is considered childish or not. Oh, and no one cares about the made up facts the you give them.

I don't understand it. Why do you face one person, tell them a story, and turn to another person and tell them another story? That, my dear, is messed up. And how may I know this? Because you often ask me to follow you around. Well, guess what? I'm not doing that any more. No sir. I don't care about the sarcastic remarks you give me and look at me as if it's a joke I'm supposed to laugh at, because it's not a joke. Nope.

Au revoir.

With bundles of love, Sarah.

Tags: anonymous notes
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[15 Dec 2005|09:33am]
[ mood | sleepy ]

Squee. New layout. Darn lj overrides. Guh. So now I have a matching layout to chaosinparis . ho ho ho.

I miss school. Surprisingly, it's true. Maybe I don't miss school. Maybe I miss my friends. I miss 3 bakti. ♥ I miss our recess rituals. Heck, I miss some of my classes, too. Going back next week, to take results. URG.

Maybe I'll upload those moodthemes later. 118 pictures to upload..no fun.


[13 Dec 2005|08:38pm]
[ mood | blah ]

Ugh, shit. I have an effing bump on my head. Ew. I mean, it's not a zit full of pus or anything, but it's just..disturbing. Uhk. Sarah is bored.

Most probably watching Narnia on thursday. Must find something for rachey because she's migrating to Australia next year. I mean, I think she's migrating in a few weeks, you get my point. Ugh.

Brigetta. Yes, I've dubbed thee brigette a new name. Brigetta owes me six bucks. Eesh.


Picture perfect [11 Dec 2005|12:51pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

Yesterday we went on a day trip to Perak. Tiring, yes. How I wished I brought my camera along because the mountains, caves, waterfalls and the castle we saw would make pretty pictures.


My lovely lady lumps. [08 Dec 2005|10:30am]
[ mood | giggly ]

We were supposed to watch Goblet of Fire for the second time yesterday. Supposed to . I suppose my dad was quite glad that he didn't have to spend 3 hours at a shopping mall while he could've been making some major money back at the office. Hah.

So we headed to the MPH  bookstore. I finally got Memoirs of a Geisha. Finally. I like being surrounded by books. I know it may sound a little cliched, but I feel that the bookstore is like that Narnia pond; where you can travel between worlds and such. The next place next to a bookstore where I would love to get lost in would be a stationary shop. Dozens upon dozens of colourful stationary; pens and notebooks, letterheads and stamps. Whoa, it's almost heaven. Almost.

So anyway. I got followed by these dudes at the bookstore. Which wasn't really nice, really. They were following me to every shelf I went to purposely coming nearer and nearer to me and making obnoxious comments. Gag me.

After, dad bought us to this clothing store where he wanted to buy belts. Him being color blind, I had to help him. "No, no. That's brown." "Yeap, that one is the black one. " My sister on the other hand, was loitering around the store aimlessly. I don't really like going somewhere without my mum. My dad will always be looking at something and totally blacked out from the world, my sister would be walking around the store. Which leaves me helping my dad with his belts and watching out for my sister so that she doesn't get kidnapped.

A very interesting happened at the counter when my dad went to pay for his belts. My Humps, BEP were playing on the store radio and one of the assistants behind the counter was singing "My lovely lady lumps. My hump, my hump, my humps. Check it out" and then there was this other homosexual guy who was slightly flirting with my dad. ROFL. I laughed at the scene to myself. I wonder what passerbys would've thought when they saw me laughing on my own.

New layout. I like it, mucho. Might customize it later if I'm in a good mood, and if Mr Photoshop is in a good mood. :)

You see, like almost everyone else on LJ, I have my very own graphics journal. chaosinparis. *hinthint*


Poop and fruit. [06 Dec 2005|08:06pm]

So screw it, this isn't going to be an oh-so totally private journal because that's just almost idiotic. Almost. If I happen to bitch about people I know and they would find out, that would totally save me the trouble by telling them myself. But of course, the ending wouldn't be oh-so happily ever after. I'll have to face eternal high school damnation and maybe after that. But ehh..

I was listening to that not-so rad alice in wonderland song by gwen stefani. And the first thing that I thought was; She needs to shut the effin' B-A-N-A-N-A-S up and making babies already. And it was almost funny. But it also got me thinking, what if I end up like her at 30? I mean, not singing about shit and fruits but you know, without any direction in life. It's almost..scary. Imagine all my friends getting married and having kids, going to their oh-so totally awesome jobs and probably living in houses my mum can only envy when she passes down those streets.

And then, I switched the frequency on the radio.

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